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"Theory of Music, a Complete Coloured
Keyboard Guide from Beginner to
Advanced - Coming soon"


About Author

Cecily Parris was born in Australia and was taught piano and theory by an outstanding teacher and accompanist, the late Mrs. Norma Williams. Cecily did her piano and theory examinations at the Sydney and Melbourne Conservatoriums and in 1972 gained the T.Mus.A. This is the highest available Australian Conservatorium Diploma for private music teachers. Cecily has taught piano and theory of music for over forty-five years. She has been a music teacher in many schools and has large private practices in both Sydney and Melbourne.

In 2008 Cecily was appointed as an examiner for the St Cecilia Music Syllabus which is now used internationally. Many of Cecily’s students have excelled in piano and theory of music examinations and in eisteddfod competitions. Cecily s method used to help students visualise what they play before they begin either their technical work or performances of their piano pieces has been very successful. This book was written after Cecily had spent much time drawing up keyboards for her students for their individual needs. Cecily hoped that by turning this idea into a book for students throughout the world, she would be helping so many more people than just her own students.