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"Theory of Music, a Complete Coloured
Keyboard Guide from Beginner to
Advanced - Coming soon"

The Complete Coloured Keyboard Guide to Scales, Chords and Arpeggios

by Cecily Parris (T.Mus.A.)

This book by an Australian piano teacher was published by the "Shanghai Music Publishing House" in China in 2013 and is already very popular. It is written with Chinese and English titles fully translated and is very easy to follow.

This book contains every scale, chord and arpeggio including Diminished, Dominant and all their inversions that are required for all piano and other solo instruments exams held in Australia and beyond. (England, USA, China etc)

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Coloured Patterns

Easy to follow coloured patterns for every scale, chord and arpeggio.

Covers Piano Students exams

This book covers every technical requirement needed for Piano student's exams.

Parental help's

Parents with no musical training can easily help their children follow this book.

Help to all Students

Students of other instruments and/or Theory of Music will find this book helpful.

Written scales and fingering

All scales, chords and arpeggios are written out in full with fingering for pianists.

All Related Keys

Every Major scale etc is written showing its relevant Minor key scale etc.

Cecily Parris Has Permission to sell her book outside China


Cecily Parris was born in Australia and was taught piano and theory by an outstanding teacher and accompanist, the late Mrs. Norma Williams. Cecily did her piano and theory examinations at the Sydney and Melbourne Conservatoriums and in 1972..

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